Sunday, 20 July 2014

All the world’s a stage

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Ankit Mahato

What we think the world is? For someone it’s a casket of joy, for some it’s a coffin of sorrows. Some consider life as a never ending race, for some it’s a song that flows and rejoices us as much as we listen to it.
We cannot judge the correct explanation of life. Every explanation and contradiction is right at its place as per the situation. Life is simple yet complex, it’s pleasant yet arrogant. Everything depends on our way of seeing the world. One can find beauty in the corpses even and some cannot find it in the most beautiful daffodils. 
So this phase ‘All the world’s a stage’ is a very beautiful line from Shakespeare’s ‘As you like it’. He personalize the world into a stage and tells we all are actors performing our allotted roles. This sometimes seems irrational as we all have our own thinkings, likes, dislikes, then how can any role allotted to us? But if we observe our life as whole there are various elements like ageing and other life processes, which we cannot control. Then maybe we are merely actors who acts on this big stage with a definite role inside an unknown body which is ours for a short time.
Life can also be termed as a search, search for peace, satisfaction, happiness, etc. What exactly are we searching nobody knows. Some lucky ones find the thing which they are searching for. The obsession for a better life indulges us to search more and more. This search sometimes leads us to immense pleasure and satisfaction and sometimes to desperation. But it is not the designation that matters most, it’s the journey to the designation that infects us with sprit and desire to live and go on.
There are good actors and great actors in the world. There are no bad actors as no one is good or bad from his/her birth, it’s the situation that make them do bad things. So we all must try to be a good actor. Spread happiness, decline the sadness of others, live life don’t just survive. Goodness is always better than greatness.

So, what do you think the world is?

Keep exploring!

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