Monday, 17 March 2014

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Pg.5 - The Global Times| Monday, March 10, 2014
"Break up with stress"

Rahul Chowdhary and Sunanda Natrajan  of AIS Saket have compiled an article that speculates on why teenagers today feel the desperate  need to be in a relationship. Instead of focusing on spending these valuable years wisely, we falter in our steps towards adulthood and waste our time in unnecessary things. Rahul and Sunanda have put down three points which any teenager should follow, viz. –
·         Be self-dependent – Human beings are social animals, we cannot survive alone. But this does not imply that we have to have that ‘significant other’ in our life without whom we apparently, cannot even breathe, as stated in the lyrics of a Taylor Swift love song.
·         Love thyself – At this age, we tend to judge ourselves by how others judge us. Our character is defined by whether we are a part of the ’popular’ group or the ‘nerd’ group or the ‘Goth’ group or what have you. This mostly happens in high school and most of us fall a victim to these clichés.
·         Be and stay motivated – This is the time when we should have fun but more importantly it is the time in which we make or break our future careers. We look too hard and too far for happiness; what most of us begin to realize as we become young adults is that happiness was right there under our nose all along. All we needed to do was spend some time with our family and best friends and just do our work and pursue our desires.

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Muktaparna Boruah

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