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·         Phil(the main character)

·         Stew(Phils wife)

·         Doug(A doctor and Phils friend)

·         Zack(Phils daughter)

The world is a strange place to live.Many of us create our own worlds out of our imagination.Some are sweeter than fiction and some are not.So here we are with a story named into the unknown which is story of Phil.Well Phil is a common man just like us and he faces the same situation.

So the story goes like this,Phil while working in the office feels very bored.He was bored of the monotonous life which he lives.The same sort of work everyday,from home to office and back.He always used to think of that place which is grandfather told in stories like ‘The Paradise City’.As the name suggests it was a place where anything could happen.A place of possibilities,peace and satisfaction.A place where you have time to observe the world around you.Phil was very much fascinated about the place.He had gone to that place many times in his dream.In his stories grandfather always used an address 23,Old street Passage,Link road.The paradise city where Phil lives.There was a balcony and a garden where he sits observing the people cross during sunset.Phil always tried to imagine the beauty of place..While Phil was lost in his world clock struck 5 and it was time to leave the office.He quickly packed his bag and went to the railway station to catch his train 15th Newville.While crossing tunnel 13 level 2 which he crosses everyday.He surprisingly saw level 2.He headed towards it and enterd a platform which was entirely different from others.There was dim yellow light.The benches were made up of wood.The shops were selling goods which are harldy present in todays market.The people were wearing clothers which were outdated.The place that Phil was observing seems to be lost in time.He was not able to understand what was happening.He goes to a shop and buys a newspaper.He was shocked to see that the date was 24th October 1864.He asked the shopkeeper which year was going on.The shopkeeper looked at him strangely and replied 1864 sir.By now Phil was out of his senses.Meanwhile he observed a map of routes of trains.His eyes got struck to a name ‘The Paradise City’.Phil could not believe his eyes.He goes to a ticket counter to buy a ticket to the paradise city.He took the ticket and asked about the price.The man replied “two cents,sir”.Phil screamed “what?only two cents”.All the people looked at him.Then he controlled himself and gave two cents and went inside the train.Although,all weird things were happening this day but still Phil was very happy as he was going to the place of his dreams.He was excited as well as amazed.

By the time he reached to his destination he hurried himself to search that address.While searching he observes all the things exactly it was in his grandfathers stories.All things were the same as his grandfather described. He went to the balcony and observed the garden,people crossing and the sun set.He had never felt like this before.It was so peaceful,so calm and pleasant that he had no word to describe it.He then whispered “I wished Stew and Zack were here too”.Something now stroked in his mind.He came running out of the house.His excitement was then turned into fear of loosing his family.As soon as he reached home his daughter him where he was.He told Stew about the things he observed.She` eagerly listened to all his narration and said “wish we could be there too”.

Next day he met Dr. Doug.He was his his friend and a psychiatrist .He told him everything.Doug was a very practical person and he thinks that there is an explanation to everything.He said “this is not the first time you told me about the city.It is in your mind.You experienced it as you keep thinking about it.

20 days pssed.Jacob never found level 3 again.He tells Stew “we must never stop searching something no matter how many times we fail.something is there that will surprise you one day or the other.
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