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GT Review 
Pg.1 - The Global Times| Monday, February 17, 2014

“On your marks”

Exams, the word that brings some fear, much hope and many aspirations right from our childhood. Whether student or an adult all have the same amount of emotions for exams. The race to be the best. Every marks counts. Each correct answers has its own importance. Is exams are all about getting good marks?

Students as well as their parents rush during the exam times so as to finish everything. Father’s advice and mother’s recipe to success all go side by side. Some fell exams are the final stage of a video game and others take it as a process of learning. So the former have to deal with the panic attacks and the others find pleasure in testing there selves. To be number one is not so important, what is important is to enjoy the learning process the knowledge. Now the ugly part of the exam, results, which may thrive towards joy as well as sorrow. But the ultimate thought should be not to lose hope. There always persists a concept of next time so no need to use special tactics named cheating as it will give only momentary happiness. Try to understand things inside the book not just mug up and get good marks, try to visualize those things and observe its beauty. Compare your result with the previous results not with any others. Give your best and hope for the best. Enjoy learning and endeavor true knowledge. 

GT Review 
Pg.1 - The Global Times| Monday, February 17, 2014

“India’s nuclear man”

What a small atom can do? I think this question is missing a word. What a small atom cannot do? It can destroys cities provide power to our ultimate source of energy i.e. the sun and can also be used to light bulbs. So here we are with an interview of India’s Nuclear Man Dr. Anil Kakodkar brought to you by two glittering students Dhvanii Chawla and Shantanu Chandra during his visit to Amity University convocation 2013.

Let’s start with his journey from being a student to a leading nuclear scientist. He stress on hard word. No matter where you study how hard the situations are, you will achieve your goal with your attitude, confidence and hard work. He also shares that after achieving you must come back to your family. Then he talks about his school life. The incident that happened in class 10th when his mother advised to have a good tuition teacher and got scolded by the teacher for being a good student and asking or tuitions. He shares every new challenge is a bit difficult than the previous one so there is no such most challenging assignment. Speaking about the Pokhran II nuclear tests he told the success of nuclear tests helped India to be a powerful and strong nation. To keep these missions a secret is very challenging. He dreams of a bright future for India. An economically, socially and politically grown India and the power of youth in fulfilling this dream. On the other hand nuclear energy can play a key role in development as most of the natural resources are getting depleted at the rate that it will not last the next 100 years. So nuclear power can provide alternative energy solutions. At last he gave a message to all set an aim for yourself and aim high. Works towards it because it will make you realize your true potential.
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