Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beautiful relation in the World

It was an as usual day when I sun was lying in the west behind the mountains, I was walking to my home after my classes. There came my friend “Shreya”, she’s good, cute, nice and a talented girl. Who used to give me company with me on my way to my home. We are very good friends from our childhood, we share things, ideas, joy and sorrow. She doesn’t have any siblings so she enjoyed her childhood and her most of her life time with me she likes me very much and she likes brother to the most height in the world as anything than in the world. And the same way I like sister’s than anything in the world. But the thing is we both don’t know about this even though we were too close and best friends. Then our school life came to an end. We entered in to our life, the time
And the place where we have to stand in our own legs and have to take care of ourselves.  J know that she is very kid dish and am little matured many know that. So both of us were busy in searching a path and platform in which we are going to make travel and live our lives. So in the serious searching she forgot about me completely but she had a small remembering of me in her mind somewhere in her mind. One day I had a chance to talk with her and I talked with her an made her to remember me.
           She then realised me and we had our apologies for not being in contact. Everyone in their life have heard about love proposal, but anyone have ever heard of brotherhood proposal?  Yeah, it happened in my life. One day I was doing my daily chores in my college hostel, suddenly I got a call from Shreya. She was talking normally with me as usual then it happened she suddenly gave me a proposal “will u be my better and best brother in my life?“ .I was made speechless I don’t know what to say. Then I told her I’ll reply this later and I stopped the conversation. The next day I called her and I called as sister. B’coz, sister is the person who care you in her heart next to mother. So I accepted her as my beloved sister as per her proposal. I was very happy since that say because to get a second mother is a great and direct wish which we get directly from GOD. From that time our life started with a new happiness with a carrying person who is like a mother and like a dad, as brothers replace dad in their sister’s life. And she was very happy to have a brother who is going to take care of her like her dad. This is how our life is going till now and let’s see what is going to happen in this wonderful relation in the world…

Submitted by
Aravind K.A.

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