Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Skip Along

                        Article based on a Psalm of Life                                 

Past is a wrapper whose contains are already consumed, LET IT GO. Future is a mystery you never know what will happen so be FEARLESS. TODAY IS A FAIRYTALE live every moment of it.

‘A Psalm of Life’ written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow speaks about optimism, courage, joy, determination and positive attitude. It is about life and how beautiful it is. It is said that beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes. What actually is beauty? An unattractive child for the world is most beautiful for his mother. So beauty is somewhat comparative. A person who observe wonders, try to see allure in everything, finds life to be beautiful and a person who is pessimistic, despairing, suspicious finds life as a sad song.

The poet wants everyone not just to survive but to live. He suggests not to mourn at things which are passed away. Our story may not have such a happy beginning, but that does not make us who we are. It is the rest of our story, who we choose to be. End is not our destiny but the journey towards it matters. It’s upon us to seek happiness or sorrow from it. Every day is a new day full of life, we just need to open our eyes and pursue pleasures.  If there is happiness there is sadness it pivot on us how we bounce back from the bad times. Get inspiration from the lives of great men. Death is merely a deception of reality, life is real and earnest. Life is a melancholy song for those who wish to listen.

Our hearts are brave enough to acquire any kind of difficulties and strife like a hero. Dream high, imagine big and act spontaneously. Believe in yourself, find your own fate. Make your life solemn and celebrate every moment. Continue doing good work, make your heart ready for any fate. Work hard, be patient, make your life sublime.

The pursuit of happiness is never ending process. We can find is anywhere all we have to do is observe, strife, believe, wait and be happy. 

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Ankit Mahato

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