Sunday, 26 January 2014

                                                “He loves me So
                                                              I won’t leave Him”

A pretty girl named “Aarti”, a college, A guy named “Gopi”. He’s the boy residing in that  girls. They both met each other in a social site. They had good conversation and they became good friends. They passed their time by chatting on the social site. Aarti was not allowed to go out of the home so she has to stay in her home. And the social site was the only way to contact with Gopi. And as day passes they both fall in love for each other.
Then one day Gopi’s friend had an accident and Aarti doesn’t know this so she was very upset. Then next day he told her all the thing which happened to his friend and the reason why he didn’t replied her. Then they understood each othe feelings. Suddenly like a thunder in  the sky Gopi asked Aarti “Will you be my better half? “
She was really shocked and she didn’t reply him. He waited for her answer and finally he came to her home and asked her the answer. Then she realised how much. Then finally she said “Okay”. And that was his most happiest and most remember able day in his life.
After some days their college re-opened so they have to be separated . Then they had more chats and late night talks which made their feelings on each other to get shared and made them they are together. As day passes their love on each other became little low. B’coz Gopi had some stress from his parent’s side on some important thing in his life.
Aarti still keeps on thinking on him even though he is not interested on her so a question arise on what Gopi is stressed? And will they two both get together? Will their love have a life?..... 

Submitted by:
Aravind K.A.

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