Monday, 16 March 2015


‘No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn’- Hal Borland.
The word spring itself brings joy and colours with it. After the ode of the winter the carol of the spring arrives. The time when beauty is at its peak. Talk about the different shades of flowers or the splendid bluishness of the sky, all wrapped in the showers of tenderness and tint of colours. The spring features itself as a romantic hero, after the dull and lazy winters as if the nature dances after a long sleep.

Spring means life, life is to render. Life is to live to the fullest. All of us are in so much hurry that we have no time to wait and watch the elegant beauty which covers the entire landscape as far as we can see. Beauty is not something which is hidden in the deepest corners of the world, it is right behind our eyes. We have forgotten the crisping of birds, the fluorescence of the moon, and the sparkle of those tiny objects glittering above our heads during night. 

What is happiness? I know happiness is subjective. All of us have a different taste of happiness. I believe it is a collection of moments, small moments which pass by unnoticed. Moment when you see a child dancing in rain, moment when an unknown person smile back at you when you smile at him, moments when you do super silly things with your friends in class, moment when your mother calls you during class just to ask have you washed your bedsheet or not, moment when you take a photo and you know it will become a memory. I think all these things make our life worth living for and this is what spring teaches us, the colours of life are these small things which we miss in search of big moments. We must preserve them like the spring preserve its beauty for next year. Forget all the bad and always be hopeful as described by the great poet P.B. Shelley in these lines ‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’

Submitted by:
Ankit Mahato


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