Friday, 22 August 2014

A small act of kindness
Submitted by:
Muktaparna Boruah (A6429713002)

A few days ago, I was witness to an incident that touched my heart. My friend and I were having lunch in the H-block cafeteria and a few tables away a group of students were celebrating a birthday of one of their friends. They were laughing, singing and enjoying as the cake was cut. After a while, as they were leaving, I saw them calling one of the staff members who work in the cafeteria. A few words were exchanged and they left. The staff member, a young boy really, called his friends and together they sat around the table and had the cake. The smiles on their faces were priceless.
This is one of thousands of incidents that occur every day around the world. Yes, bad things happen too, probably more than the good ones? But this is probably because we notice the bad more than the good. J  
The next time you get an opportunity; do something which will make someone happy. Because more than often, one small act of kindness brightens up more than one person’s day.

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